Greetings from The Gibson's Family

We are a small family farm trying to live a simple natural life. Nothing fancy, but very professional. My husband fell into loving beekeeping by chance. He picked up a family-run construction job they kept bees too.

Walter Jennen was my husband‘s boss. He is a wise and very knowledgeable man who has been keeping bees his entire life. It’s important to have a mentor on any big adventure. Walter has been an amazing amount of support. We couldn’t be here without him!

My husband started with one hive, then 4, then 12, then 30 hives. We then decided to buy a farm and moved from our small house in Owensound to Chatsworth. Shortly after 80 hives with our ups and downs over the years, we are now sitting at approximately 350 hives and our goal is 500 hives or so. 500 hives are the amount that we can run without hiring staff.

Luckily we have two small children who can always help out. We are a small bee/honey operation and never want to go commercial like most other beekeepers in the area who are bigger commercial operations.

My husband has been keeping bees for 14 years. He is the beekeeper and I am the keeper of the beekeeper. We love talking about bees. It’s our passion that’s what drove us to start doing beekeeping workshops/classes.

This is our fourth season of doing workshops. We don’t just sell bees but make sure our customers are comfortable and confident about beekeeping. We have made some awesome friends along the way. We understand the importance of having a mentor and love helping people take on this huge adventure. We love helping save the world one hive at a time.

We are here offering help with expertise in helping you helping the bees. We flipped our hobby to a business in 2013. Open or retail honey store in 2015.

Our little Honey shop has exploded with local products and we now offer 13 flavors of honey.

You’re always expanding and growing thanks to our strong local customer support.

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