Coffee Ironwood
Coffee Ironwood
Coffee Ironwood
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Coffee Ironwood

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Wood-fire Roaasted Artisana Coffee

At Ironwood Coffee Company we have chosen to create a business rooted in social sustainability. Our coffee is sourced ethically, supporting certified Fair-Trade co-operatives, and only the highest quality, specialty grade, organic coffee. We roast to order in our small batch, custom built Wood-Fired roaster.  Here, tradition is reanimated, and the art of mastery is honed, bringing you the finest cup of coffee every time. Quality over quantity is of utmost importance. 

Our boutique micro-roastery is located on the stony shores of Georgian Bay, in Big Bay, Ontario.


Freshness is one of the defining traits of specialty coffee. All roasted coffee will degrade over time; losing its aroma, acidity, body and taste.  To ensure that our coffee gets to its brewing stage as fresh as possible, we roast all of our coffee to order. We roast in small batches, taking a hands-on artisan approach, with precision and attention to detail.  Our use of wood as a fuel source has challenged us to relearn the art of roasting, as it would have been done 100 years ago in Italy. All of our wood is harvested locally, being the fuel of choice in our region. It allows our fuel source to be sustainable as well as supportive of small business and local economy.


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