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Honey Bees (Available In-Store)

Honey Bees (Available In-Store)

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We sell our hives LOADED with bees!

The double box of bees comes with bottom board, two brood boxes , inner cover, lid ,18 loaded bee frames and queen of course! The hive will be ready to spit. You also get quality customer service. If you have any questions along the way. We LOVE talking about bee !

The single hive comes with 9 frames, one brood box, inner cover, lid , bottom board and queen. It  will be well be ready to add the sencond brood box. 

The nuc includes 4 frames of Bees, Brood, Honey, Pollen and a Laying Queen. It is a functioning hive that you simply install into your full sized equipment. They are already established in the nuc so there is very little issue with them once installed in a full size hive,

Discount on if order larger quantity. 

Also nice discount on bees if you take our beekeeping workshop. 


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