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Tea Lights

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Burn time for each tea light is 4 hours ( when wick is properly maintained )

More and more people are falling in love with beeswax! Many are drawn to its sweet scent. We especially love that beeswax is used in its naturally perfect unaltered state and that it does not require the sole use of agricultural land. (It is collected with honey, a treasured by-product of critical food pollination.)Beware of imposters! Some candles claim to be beeswax or beeswax blends but say nothing of how much beeswax is in them, many don't even feel or smell like beeswax! Make sure you're buying 100% pure beeswax, you can bee sure that's all you will see from us!

100% pure beeswax naturally burns up to three times longer than paraffin. Pure beeswax candles also produce negative ions that are scientifically proven to remove dust, pollen, toxins and chemtrails residues, molds and viruses from the air. Nature produces these air cleaning negative ions with lightning storm, with movement of water , ie, ocean, waterfalls etc. and by the wind passing through the forests, pure beeswax is the only fuel, when burning, that emits negative ions allowing you to enjoy these natural air cleaning properties in your own home, place of work or play. There has been lots of testimonials proven to aid people with allergies , asthma also removing cigar smoke, pet odours , food smells and enhancing well-being at all cellular levels. 

*bloom'in beeswax - pure beeswax will develop a fine whitish film after months of exposure to air, much like pure chocolate.  This is a natural tannin which is easily removed by rubbing the candes with your hands, an old nylon stocking or fine cloth, or best yet simply use a hair dryer on low warm setting and gently melt the tannin back into the wax

Lighting - make sure the wick is trimmed. Its best lit using a lighter or wooden match. Tilting the candle so that the flame gets under the wick, allows the flame to ignite the wick more easily. Always strive to use your candle for an hour before putting it out. 

Whenever you re-light your candle, make sure the wick is trimmed to 1/4" or 6mm

Extinguishing- beeswax candles should be 'put out' by using a candle snuffer or by 'dunking' the wick into the pool of liquid wax and straightening it up again. (use a small stick to dunk the wick like pencil or chopstick etc ) Never blow out candles, they will continue to smoulder if blown out. Smouldering can char the wick and inhibit its proper burning. 

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